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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Well folks here we go. Welcome to we-know-whats-right, the blog where we attempt to "Shed Light on the Right" and we respect governance by the two C's, common sense and the Constitution. I guess some introductions are in order as this undertaking begins. I'm Smilin' Paul, self-proclaimed cyber-congressman hailing from Nevada. My partner in this endeavor is Redline, conservative activist and Second Amendment guru. Basically, this blog had it's beginnings in the dark days of November and December 2000, when algore was busy trying to steal an election. Redline and I were working the same district and we would frequently get together in order to exchange news and views during that bleak time. We came to understand that our conservative views were not being echoed in most of the media and so we looked to the web and talk radio for news. During those discussions we often joked about setting up a website and of course this led to thinking up names and slogans for such a website. Well it only took us 3 years, but at least the name was still there when we finally got around to it.

Seriously though, time passed and of course, the march of time always seemed to involve events which precluded our establishing a website. Then along came Sept. 11, 2001 and a whole lot of misguided dissent, or outright sedition from the left. This led me to lurk at freerepublic and then the 2002 elections were upon me and I became active yet again. With the ongoing War on Terror I had begun to e-mail to close friends, a weekly rant. This weekly rant evolved into the weekly rant and recipe as I combined two hobbies, cooking and conservative politics. Some of my readers began to encourage me to set up a website and this is the next step in the evolution of those entreaties as I seek to establish a more permanent home for WeKnowWhatsRight.

So thats the history, now what can you expect to find in these parts? Lots of common sense conservatism, a dash of history, some sports commentary and of course massive amounts of ranting about the perfidy of the left wing in general and the democratic party in particular. What qualifications do I have to do this? None really. I own a computer and know how to write, sometimes coherently. Many moons ago I did formerly write a monthly column for the now defunct Hayward American which was the conservative voice of Cal State Hayward. That column did bring me some notoriety and a couple sets of phone numbers at State Republican conventions for awhile and it was a whole lot of fun to write. I don't pretend to be a policy wonk or guru on most matters. I do know how to take a position and whether that position is right or....well.... ummm...(Around these parts it's always RIGHT.) I hope to recapture some of the humor that my Hayward American columns entailed while also seeking to educate some folks or at least get them to thinking.

It's my intention that this blog be family friendly but of course having said that, I need to warn you that sometimes I get so bent out of shape at leftist thinking that I resort to less than Victorian English. Beyond that, I expect to have visitors. Sooner or later I reckon guests to this blog will include Spider, Jim Hank, Pointman, The Chop, Hooter, Skeezits, Stretch, The Jackal, Redline and even Coach Hargus "Pig" Hughes his ownself when we get to talkin' sports. Believe it or not, only the Coach is a figment of my sometimes overactive imagination and I can't speak to the family friendly qualities of some of them others.

Once we get truly rolling, I hope to be posting here regularly. By regularly I mean at least weekly and maybe more. I intend to get at least one recipe per week out with the postings to the blog and we'll just have to see how that goes for awhile. As we are entering a target rich timeframe in California politics with the recall only a week away I hope this is a busy place for the time being. Naturally, I have a position on the recall but you'll have to tune back in to find out what it is and to get your first recipe. This weeks recipe is going to be Chili Colorado. Now cross your fingers, wish me luck and let's see if this thingie really works....If you get a chance, enjoy the link to freerepublic and then remember to check back here often. Lastly, I love to entertain your questions and I can be reached at should you need an answer to some question of political or sporting importance.

Smilin' Paul Villa, U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and a 2 SUV Family