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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What a glorious week for the Republic. First off Rush returns to the airwaves and sounds better than ever. Then the democrat celebration over the electoral hiccup in Louisiana over the weekend is brought to a screetching halt by Arnold's inauguration. Can't understand them Cajuns electing a democrat running on a typical scare platform. On the other hand, now that I think on it, it makes perfect sense. Louisiana is kind of the California of the South and there is an overabundance of french blood down there. The upside being that Cajun jokes will probably be in much demand again and that's good news for the likes of Spider and L-Train who spent many a night entertaining us with Cajun jokes, Aggie jokes and political commentary.

Then of course we have the spectacle of democrats like Teddy "Breaststroke" Kennedy and his leaked memos wherein he outlines democrat obstructionist tactics for President Bushes judicial nominees. This in a week where Massachusetts legalizes gay marriage. Teddy is now free to marry John Kerry. They could be the first husband-wife team to serve in the Senate together. As if that wasn't enough, Kennedy, who feels the pain of the little man has announced his opposition to the newly crafted, bi-partisan prescription drug benefit that even the AARP supports. Why? Power politics and nothing more. Kennedy doesn't want the President to benefit in any way from the passage of a prescription drug plan in order to keep those precious senior voters scared and ensconced on the democrat plantation.

Once again, Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy has demonstrated to any American willing to objectively look at the facts that he isn't interested in serving either his constituents or the interests of America and Americans. Kennedy is only interested in placating the shrill left of his party and by so doing, keep the activist base and union monies flowing into democrat coffers. He knows that he never has to worry about a serious challenge for his Senate seat and so he can make the most heinous decisions without fear of that most basic of democratic reprisals....the ballot box. Now I know why I wear a fedora...but thats another story....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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