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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day. I hope each and every one of you will take a few moments to salute our vets who time and again throughout our history have been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedoms. Lot of links today. I am going to include links to the USO and to the Disabled American Veterans. I hope you will all consider making a donation to one of these fine organizations who do so much good work on behalf of our troops currently forward deployed and those veterans who have returned home having sacrificed so much. Please go and contribute what you can.

Next up, a link to the Freeper Foxhole. This is a site on freerepublic which each day highlights a different item of military history, a poignant daily reminder of what is at stake as our Nation once again finds itself in conflict.

Obligatory shot at liberals who can't understand that Freedom isn't free and that some things are worth fighting for.

Now then I'd like to close out today's post with a poem from Charles M. Province who wrote long ago:

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the soldier,
who salutes the flag,
who serves under the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.


Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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