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Friday, October 24, 2003

Ugggh. To borrow an old saying from my honky tonkin' days, I feel like a coyote ate me and crapped me off a cliff...Of course in those days that saying was usually reserved to describe a hangover, today I'm just plain ol' sick. Got me one of them bugs that Hooter and The Chop might have called super herpes back in the College of Alameda days. Not that I've actually got the super herp...just some kinda bug that seems to be going around these parts. In any event, I intend to get this weeks rant out, sick or not because my readers would expect nothing less. I did make some mention of the global economy as I recall and soooooo...

Cops say the damnedest things.

Yep cops. I know for the most part we aren't the most brilliant of people. What we do generally possess is common sense. Twice in my career I've heard cops utter things that to me were absolutely profound. Once was many years ago when undergoing drug recognition training, the instructor posed the rhetorical question, "why don't we just legalize drugs?" Well in the next breath he answered his own question. "Because a sedated nation cannot be a world leader." That copper was right, no country having legalized the narcotics trade is a world leader. Abdicating our responsibility to combat the importation of illegal narcotics in order to take the easy way out would be merely the first step on the road to mediocrity.

Now then, the second time in my career when I was struck by the profundity of the speaker was this past Monday evening. I happened to be setting in a class dedicated to the examination of counterfeit documents and which was put on by a pair of Secret Service agents. One of those agents expressed the view that some things are worth defending and in this instance, it was his belief that our country is one of them. That got me to thinking. Most folks go through life daily without any real awareness of the colossal struggle going on about them between good and evil. We are under attack constantly, no I'm not referring to the ongoing War on Terror. More simply I'm referring to the war on crime and not just that crime which occurs in our streets. When I say that we are constantly under attack, I mean by those people and groups who seek to use our freedoms against us as well as the common hoodlum. Everytime you get an annoying Nigerian scam e-mail or Canadian Lottery winners announcement in your email, it's another attack on us and another example of why a global economy is not going to work. There is no set of rules for most of the world and we cannot conduct trade among nations and civilized behavior without rules. Of course to the left, only America need play by any rules, for the rest of the world it's carte blanche.

There has been much talk in recent years about this so called Global Economy. What Global Economy? To have such an economy would require that every participant play by the same set of rules and that there be a single monetary unit. It would require that we as Americans relinquish our interests in an American economy in favor of a global venture. Lastly, it would require that every nation-state become an equal. This won't happen except in the twisted utopian dream world of socialists everywhere. Once again leftists, in striving for that noble concept of equality among nations have allowed emotion to fly in the face of history and human nature. Equality should be something to strive for, but it is not conferred. Men and nations are not truly created equal. (If they were, then I would be a chiseled 6'4" instead of a more rotund 5'8".) Like respect, equality can be earned. This is not to say that we shouldn't treat nations and people equally but such treatment should not be confused as an acknowledgement of equality among nations and men. Carthage was not the equal of Rome, nor Spain of Britain. History tells us that there will always be a power nation or nations on whom the establishment of order and rules will rely. In this era, that position falls to us. This is simple fact and I would argue that the world as a whole is fortunate that it is the United States to whom this role has fallen and not the Communist Chinese. I can think of no other time in history when such a great power has used it's riches so benevolently.

The reasons for this rambling attempt at pseudo intellectualism on my part is simple. The left constantly attacks America for our intervention and or policies in other countries. To them we can do nothing right. No matter the countless billions of American tax dollars we might ship to the Third World, no matter the crops we assist in bringing in, the food and water and infrastructure we provide, it is always America who is at fault for daring to intervene in the first place. This translates to "Give me your money yankee and then go home!" Excuuuuse me? We get no say, no input on the expenditure of the money that we provide? No but for 15 billion, we can be villified throughout the Third World and have our flag burned. What a bargain, and I get to watch it on the evening news. Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. We pay, we get a say. This is another problem with the so called global economy. We can't engage in trade using two sets of rules. Playing by two sets of rules perpetually hamstrings American traders and has given us a massive trade deficit. That is not fair trade and if that is what our billions get us, well then in my humble opinion, the less fortunate nations will just have to find other markets for their cheap trinkets, email scams and electronics. We once manufactured everything here at home and it can be done again if we put our national will into it.

Can anyone name for me even 10 true democracies in the Third World? If you can, I'll spring for a prime rib dinner. (Unless you happen to be a vegan reader who stumbled in here by mistake in which case you're on your own and the anarchy blog is just down the cyberhall, make a left.) I have been taken to task for revelling in the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the fall reminding me what a special place we live in. Well I stand by that, America is a special place and it is so because of the freedoms which our forefathers were courageous enough to fight for. Freedoms which are far too scarce in most of the world. Of course to bring that up to a leftist will usually just get you a puzzled look because to them, everyone should WANT to live in a government subsidized world where you never have to make a choice. The government provides not only your housing, food, clothing and train of thought but by doing so engages in the very tyranny which caused those Colonials to throw off the yoke of English rule.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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