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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Happy Days are here again...'cause I'm rooting for the Maaarlins...happy days are here again...the damnedyankees lose game 1 of the World Series. C'mon fish, you can do it, please don't subject me to the tender mercies of all the damnedyankee fans I work with. Today being Sunday it's probably going to be a day of low activity around these parts. Fall pruning is underway and that means a dump run. I will get this weeks recipe up later tonight and my apologies to reader Chris Banks, Reno Nevada. He had wanted a lasagna recipe and we've run into some technical difficulties. I don't post recipes I haven't tried out myself or sampled somewhere and while I have a killer lasagna recipe, I can't find it. So in the meantime, I'm waiting for another copy of it and hopefully we'll get it up next week. In the meantime as fall is here and the nice grilling days are coming to a close, I'm going to post my own version of surf and turf which is grilled New York Strips and marinated shrimp. You'll have to check back later tonight for the recipe.

In other news, I'll be away training for the next two weeks. This may impact my ability to access news and work up rants. Just a little warning in case activity around here lags. Keep checking in for news though. I hope to be able to keep up and of course in the event of truly horrific leftist treachery, (is there any other kind?) I will be here at WKWR with the trenchant political commentary you've come to expect.

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