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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

VICTORY IN CALIFORNIA!!! While I would have preferred McClintock I will gladly take Arnold. The grim faces on the scores of democrats interviewed last night on the various news channels and the vitriolic spew coming out of the posts over on democratic underground had me grinning like a gopher in soft dirt all night. While I hold no hope that Arnold will be able to effect great change, if he can maintain some semblance of popularity, it will force the dems to spend heavily to defend California in next years presidential election and that is something they cannot afford to do. One man cannot save California from itself. Now if the voters continue the trend and begin to get rid of some of the democrat flotsam that has been elected over the years, then perhaps the luster can be restored to the Golden State.

I just caught a Washington Post byline on the Drudgereport. Bustamecha was described as a "Moderate" Democrat. Can you honestly tell me there is no liberal bias in the media now? A Moderate Democrat? By their standards, Chairman Mao would be only slightly to the left of Teddy Kennedy. (Although both do hail from a People's Republic.) In any event, I believe a small celebration is in order...

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