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Monday, October 06, 2003

For those of you just tuning in, one of the features of the old weekly rant and recipe which I e-mailed out was a forum of sorts. I invited questions each week and some of you took the opportunity to either ask me questions or offer commentary which I took the liberty of addressing in the weekly missive. We're off to a fast start once again because reader Greg Blair, Sparks Nevada has e-mailed me the following:

Smiling Paul, what is your take on the up coming California recall election?

Concerned Nevadan Greg Blair

Tomorrow is D-Day in California. The assault will begin at 0700 hrs when legions of poll workers open up their garage doors, school auditoriums and neighborhood meeting halls to masses of Californians waiting to vote in the recall election. Would that the storming of Omaha Beach 59 years ago have been this easy. Of course when discussing California politics nothing is easy. This last week has been especially trying for conservatives as we've had to witness what can only be described as an overwhelming if not concerted media blitz on both Rush Limbaugh and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sheesh, if only we'd had the same level of vetting by the LA Times on allegations of sexual harrassment against Bill Clinton, well then Al Gore might have been an incumbent in 2000. I'm trying to juxtapose all of the recent events against my experience of growing up in California and I don't want to get sidetracked here so I'm going to attempt to keep this entry about the recall. However, a couple of thoughts seem to go hand in glove here...I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying Ann Coulter's meticulously researched book Treason and I've come to a conclusion shared by many of my conservative brethren: Liberals hate America. The second thought is that you can clearly see that in the saga of the California recall.

First of all, there is the smarmy visage of Cruz Bustamecha, Governor wannabee and proponent of additional socialist burdens for the taxpayers of California. The young Cruz must have been a real hoot on campus. Running around with communists, activists and ne-er do wells under the umbrella of MeCHA. For those of you who don't know, MeCHA is an alleged latino student movement. Of course, this particular student group calls for the return of California and the Southwest to Mexico. Failing that, they fantasize about establishing a new nation of Aztlan on the ashes of the evil, anglo California. With fortunes favor tomorrow, the only ashes remaining will be the embers of Davis' and Bustamecha's campaigns. Not all Californians are brain dead, the dive in Cruz' poll numbers roughly attended the revelation that not only was he an unrepentant apologist for MeCHA but that he steadfastly refused to repudiate them. Clearly, this man does not love America. Hopefully, Californians of Hispanic extraction, who are legally allowed to vote, will put the interests of the State above the hollow promises of a man who despises the foundations of the country he resides in.

Then we have Gray Davis his ownself. This man continually displays either incredible ignorance of the principles of Constitutional Government or he simply hates America. Davis has railed since the beginning against the recall. Of course he wants to retain his job, but to do so at the expense of 32 million Californians. It is of little consequence to him that the recall is provided for in the State's Constitution and even more irrelevant that the recall drive was scrupulously legal in it's execution. No matter, it's a conspiracy by radical right wingers Davis says. Would that there were that many right wingers in California. If there were, perhaps it would more accurately resemble the Golden State of lore than a bankrupt republic approaching Third World status. Not to worry though, if Davis retains his job, Californians can always look forward to acceptance into the Organization of American States and a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission. Davis' disastrous policies have brought the state into a fiscal nightmare and his object of blame? The right wingers who dare to sign a recall petition and outside influences in the oil bidness who set him up. Of course Gray, it's all a vast right wing conspiracy, and as I indicate in my tagline, I'm a proud member of it. As one almost Republican candidate for your job might say, "hasta la vista".

Tom McClintock, what can I say. I wish you had the name recognition. This man is a common sense politician who champions conservative causes. I wish I was still a resident just so I could vote for him. Of course if I was a democrat, I could still vote in California, residency being an annoying obstruction to the electoral process for most leftists. No doubt the legions of political workers tomorrow will include armies of democrat activists. They will begin the day early, before the sun comes up observing democrat rituals in graveyards statewide. Praying for the redemption of their chosen candidate? Hardly, instead they will be gathering names from tombstones for comparison against voter registration lists in an attempt to garner a few more votes. Others will be visiting Costco and Sams Club for wholesale prices on cigarettes and whiskey which can be used to buy the votes of homeless bums in larger cities like San Francisco and LA. Finally the vans will come to the soup kitchens to transport both the willing and unwilling to the polls with instructions on who to vote for. (The vote for D or no whisky plan.)

Ironic isn't it? The democrats can find vans to transport disinterested bums to the polls but not to deport illegal aliens. Can it be any more clear that the left hates America? Well Mr. Blair of Sparks, Nevada, should the democrats hold the statehouse tomorrow, you can look forward to lots of new friends and neighbors in Nevada as the exodus continues. You asked for my take, I say take Arnold and the under, thanks to democrat mud slinging, the polls are slipping. This is the same play the dems ran in the final minutes against the juggernaut Bush team in that classic 2000 game. Y'all remember that last second play? It was called 25 year old DUI, public record, media blitz, Kennebunkport, set red. Not as successfully run as the 49ers own, 38 blue, Omaha, jet right, which won the 1989 Super Bowl but nonetheless a desparate gamble.

This leads me to a final thought, as much as I dislike some of Schwarzenegger's positions, I say vote for him. Just maybe, with a Republican in Sacramento, we can force the dems to spend millions to keep California out of play next year. If California is in play in the 2004 elections, the dems are in a world of hurt, while GW has shown he can win without it, the dems absolutely cannot win without it nor can they afford to spend millions to safeguard a state which they are already counting in their column. Vote Arnie, vote early and if you know a democrat voting for Arnold, tell them to vote often...they will anyways...until next time..

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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