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Friday, October 17, 2003

I don't know how they do it. For the last week I've been a Cubs and Red Sox fan. For one lousy week. Today I am suffering what ABC termed the "agony of defeat" after the Red Sox managed to blow that late lead and give the damnedyankees yet another World Series appearance. I can't imagine this kind of suffering for generations. You tell me that these teams aren't cursed? The Red Sox certainly are, cursed last night with incredible stupidity on the part of their manager. Grady Little should have yanked Pedro Martinez in the 7th inning. Pedro was getting rocked and the breaks were starting to head towards the damnedyankees. How many pitches did Pedro throw? Something like 495? Get him out of there and bring in Wakefield earlier for a different look, especially when Wakefield has been a better starter for you during the playoffs than Martinez. Or bring in Embree or Lowrey anyone...just don't leave Martinez in there on fumes. I'm sorry Red Sox fans. For a week I was one of you. I suffered and laughed with all of you, Charlie D, Lou, Art and Petie but now it's back to "Wait'll next year" and in the meantime more insufferable damnedyankee fans. Go Fish....I can't bear another title in New York.

In other news around these parts, I want all of you my cyber-constituents to begin scouring the net for pics (nothing x-rated) of your favorite Republican or conservative women. I'll post a different pic weekly to demonstrate the superior beauty of Conservative women. I got this idea from the JerseyGOP website where they have a "Republican Babe of the Week". Well around here, we'll just call this feature "Republicandy". Without further delay, here is this week's Republicandy, radio talk show host and bestselling author, Laura Ingraham. Check out her latest book, Shut Up and Sing, How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN are Subverting America.

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