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Friday, October 10, 2003

I can't help but smile everytime I see this picture. Mostly because I can relate to the sentiment expressed, especially each time I hear a particularly strident leftist mouthing the party line. The latest crazy from the democrat party? Ashley Clark who said in the democrat debate last night that we (the United States) need to go to the United Nations for approval of such foreign policy matters as the War in Iraq and any other intervention where we might bruise some feelings.

What tripe but typical of the democrat party line of late. Unless we're granting massive sums of money to the Third World, we need to get UN approval for any and all foreign policy decisions. HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!! Bueller? Bueller?...Bueller????

Do you people get it now? The democrats and the other detritus on the left want nothing less than for us to abdicate our sovereignity in order to subject ourselves to the whims of Third World dictators and their representatives at the UN. Of course, if we happen to have a spare 15 billion around they'll be happy to take it to fight AIDS. Or at least a billion might actually be used to fight AIDS, the rest of it, removed from American taxpayers hard earned paychecks, would no doubt end up providing a comfortable nest egg for the dictator du jour. So everytime I hear a democrat or lefty start the mantra about the World Community and our need to get UN permission to safeguard our nation and it's citizens, all I can say is...."Aw Geez, not this shit again.."

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