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Sunday, October 12, 2003

This weeks recipe: Chilaquiles

I didn't figure I would cause such a ruckus with my last recipe but I did. That being the case I want to start right off by crediting my mother for last weeks recipe. This weeks recipe come courtesy of my sister Sue. She may be a lefty but she sure can whip up some chilaquiles and that ain't no lie. If she keeps visiting this site maybe she'll start thinking right oneday. Anyways, without further ado....chilaquiles.

This is a wonderful use for them extra corn tortillas you got laying around the refrigerator and makes a good breakfast, lunch or supper. Plays well with bits of chicken, eggs or beef. It's kind of like Mexico's answer to chow mein.

Herdez salsa verde
queso fresco (part skim milk cheese) mozzarella or jack will work in a pinch
olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of your skillet to about 1/8")
eggs or cooked chicken or beef
4-6 corn tortillas

Put the olive oil into a skillet on medium high heat and once hot, tear pieces of corn tortillas into the oil. Keep the pieces moving so they brown evenly and absorb some of the oil. In the meantime, beat two eggs per person in a separate bowl. When the chips begin to get golden, drain excess oil if needed and add the eggs, as they firm up, add cheese to your liking and the salsa last. The idea is to obtain crispy chips with a hot mixture of salsa, eggs and melted cheese. Serve it up with refried beans for breakfast or as a snack anytime. As indicated, chunks of chicken or ground beef serves equally well in this dish.

Next week, in response to readers requests, we'll get out an Italian recipe. In the meantime, if y'all have recipes you want to share, send them to me and I'll put them up with proper accreditation.

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