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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Oh that hurts. Wags, you have my sympathies. The Cubby loss in Game 7 last night was the train wreck that we all saw coming. Game 6 was the quick bleed out from a sucking chest wound but then we had all day Wednesday to think about the horrors that awaited us in Game 7. Now I grew up an A's fan and once again they managed to disappoint this year but I have nothing to complain about. In my lifetime they've garnered 4 World Series titles and challenged for several more. There is really only a couple of baseball teams I really dislike. OK, I hate them. The damnedyankees because of the countless A's that have ended up on Steinbrenners' payroll, a number so high sometimes I think we're a damnedyankees farm team. Besides which, everyone who knows of my Southern sympathies understands how easy it is to hate the damnedyankees. Then we have the Dodgers. Why do I hate the Dodgers? Well my second favorite team is the Giants and that alone should be reason enough but if it's not I'll give you one more. October 15, 1988. The sickest day of my life including illness. The night that Kirk Gibson launched a walkoff piece bomb over Jose Canseco's head to end Game 1 of the World Series. The A's never recovered from that headshot and mailed in the rest of the Series.

Anyways the reason I'm subjecting you all to this musing about baseball is because last night I was the biggest Cub fan in the world. I think all of America save Miami was probably pulling for the Cubbies. Now that moron Dusty Baker can talk all he wants about there not being a curse on his team but then all of America now knows better. Today we'll see if the Red Sox can finally shake the Curse of the Bambino after 85 years. As Charlie D said to me last week, the only way for the Sox to shake this curse is to slay the dragon in damnedyankee stadium. The stage is set and I pray they can do it because if the World Series comes down to the damnedyankees and the Marlins, I've gotta root for the fish.

Should the damnedyankees win yet another title, it'll be a looooooong winter and I'll have to put up with the many damnedyankee fans at work being smug and intolerable. The only thing I'll have to console myself is that 4 work mantra that Red Sox and Cubby fans have been repeating now for generations..... "There's always next year..."

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