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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Another glorious morning for the Republic! Victory over the left in two gubernatorial battles and a shining example of why the left is out of touch with mainstream America. Last night Republicans picked up two statehouses last night in Mississippi and Kentucky. In the old Confederacy, Republicans now hold 8 of 11 governorships. Those fun loving nuts at democratic underground are shaking their heads, gnashing their teeth and suffering general apoplectic fits over more defeats. Of course their explanation is always that Americans are too stupid and insufficiently intellectual to elect progressive candidates. What twaddle. Americans simply don't respond to socialism.

Speaking of socialism, only in San Francisco, two candidates left in the race for mayor, and one of them is a Green Party member. Let's see, one candidate, already a liberal but he is rich, which equates to evil in the liberal mindset and he wants to clean up the panhandlers and bums. The other candidate is a Green. Any takers on who wins this race? I'll post the Harrah's line as soon as it becomes available but San Francisco is one of the few cities in this country that would actually elect a green so beware. I just shake my head. The San Francisco that I grew up with, which was already an aging temptress just continues the downhill slide. The City that gave us the Golden Gate, Cable Cars, Fishermans Wharf, Fort Point, Sam Spade and Martinis will instead be known for panhandling, paying the homeless and any host of other failed liberal giveaway programs. (Hey it's 0530 here, I can't fire on all cylinders this early.)

In any event check back often while I work up this weeks rant and a big ol' celebratory Yeeeehaw for the Republican gains last night.

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