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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Sorry to delay the Friday feature here folks but work stepped in the way of blogging again. That seems to be a nasty trend but I'm on the case and only a day late this time. I see Jean "Effing" Kerry, secure in the knowledge that he is virtually unbeatable now as the Party of Sedition nominee for President, is giving speeches touting his tough foreign and defense policies. Snort. That would be funny if it weren't such a pathetic display of pandering. So now Monsieur le gran pouf Kerry wants me and you to believe that he is worthy of the mantle of CinC. Yes now he lectures the President on problems of military logistics and how he would be certain that the troops had the requisite firepower and equipment before offering battle. Nice sound bite M'sieur Ketchup but your grim voting record of the past 20 years would indicate otherwise. In point of fact, a review of your voting records by the American people just might convince those who can read (which disqualifies a lot of democrats who are either dead, foreigners or enrolled in ESL classes) that you have never met a defense system you like. So I ask you Monsieur le condiment exactly what firepower and equipment would it be supplying our troops when you do eventually commit them to battle? Oh...I apologize. I meant when you commit them to "peacekeeping". Don't want to offend sensitive Euros and your in-laws now do we?

Well America, you can vote for Kerry come November and once again, we can arm our troops with yellow police tape since the democrat response to international terrorism is either to embrace it on it's face, ala Yasser Arafat (it does keep the money flowing to the campaign coffers after all) or issue a subpoena. It seems the democrats have retooled the old American Foreign Policy battle cry of "Send in the Marines!" and now employ a rather more domestic and friendly "Send in the Firemen and Cops!". Of course these are the same people who can't seem to grasp the simple concept that another massive act of terror just might have been averted by taking the war to the enemy rather than having U.S. Attorneys offices to fire off subpoenas and arrest warrants.

Now then, I don't know that Veronica Lake was Republican but she certainly was an American classic beauty. An honest to gosh blonde bombshell from the 40's and while she may be gone, she lives on here at WKWR!!

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