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Friday, February 20, 2004

Spring is around the corner. That means lots of things are about to happen. Spring thaw in Afghanistan and Pakistan means that our troops will soon be looking to flush Al Qaeda and Taliban hold outs if we are to believe the reports from the wire services. Additionally, it means troop rotations in Iraq and the approach of searing temperatures. Of course spring will also mean the real start of the presidential campaign. The question is can Kerry hold out against Edwards who is asking for a man to man debate? Kerry continues to gobble up endorsements from unions and all the corrupt money and vote fraud that that represents so you've got to like his chances. Of course G.W. Bush is hurting lately and it's not just because of the high profile press the dems have been getting due to the primaries.

Evangelical and economic conservatives are absolutely uninspired right now. The President's spending while reigned in somewhat on the discretionary side has hurt him greatly. He needs to continue to bring spending to heel and he needs to make a committed stand against the lawlessness and anarchy which has taken over San Francisco right now. The absolute flaunting of the law by the Mayor must be addressed and it must be dealt with. This is a no lose situation for President Bush and why he has failed to forcefully assert his support for a constitutional amendment or other solution is beyond me. Each day he waits he abandons more evangelical voters who will be desperately needed in November.

Of course spring also means baseball and golf are rapidly approaching. Time to break out the sticks and get them gripped. Maybe some new shoes and boy....that set of King Cobra irons is looking a little long in the tooth. Maybe I can find my way around a new set of bats to grace Goat Hills Golf Course with this year. In the meantime, I give you Miss America, Suzie Castillo....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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