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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well today is S-Day. Super Tuesday and the day when the group of democrat presidential wannabees gets whittled down some more. Before I get going here though, I don't want any of you whisperin' a word of my analysis today to my better half. As some of you know I had surgery yesterday and she expects I'll be in bed recuperating. I will, but I figured that my readers deserved a little poignant political commentary, especially since I missed out on posting my weekly recipe yesterday.

In any event, l'll keep this short since I need to get back in the rack. After tonight, the group of 7 ought to be realistically whittled down to 2 or 3. Joe Lieberman will be tossed to the side of the road today as will Ashley Clark. "Howlin" Howie Dean is doing us all a favor and conceding today's races in favor of an impossible Michigan strategery. The good thing about it is he just might get p.o.'ed enough to fire up a third party candidacy. "Crazy" Al Sharpton, who has never had the chance of a snowball in hell is going to keep plugging throughout the South, in hopes of attracting enough delegates that he can be a power broker at the democrat convention in Boston. How appropriate that the dem convention should be in Massachusetts, where Kerry will be annointed.

No, after tonight you can count the candidates on one hand. Kerry is going to gain large today and may even pull off the upset in South Carolina. If he does, then "Breck Girl" Edwards better be ready for the vice-presidential phonecall and pack in his campaign. After tonight it's a battle for Dean to stay alive long enough to limp into Michigan. Everyone else save "Crazy Al" Sharpton understands that their chances of gaining the nomination die today. Even "Breck Girl" has been playing for second ever since New Hampshire. I just really want to see the insanity of Ashley Clark tonight. The chosen candidate of the Clintons', the manly military man who bared his v-neck for a gay magazine will be dead in the water tonight. Torpedo Los!!!!

As for John "Effing"'s a little reminder of his convictions...Sure he was a war hero, we'll hear that a million times in the coming months. Of course what you won't hear nearly as much about is how he dishonored the memories of those he served with when he returned and all in the name of establishing his political base in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

And now Smilin' Paul is headed back to the rack...

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