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Friday, January 16, 2004

This is great.....3 days to go before the Iowa caucuses and John "Frenchy" Kerry is pulling off a surprise come from behind showing. This could get really interesting. If the democrat race for president actually tightens up, I can't wait to go to Democratic Underground and read the self loathing, hate filled, kool-aid drinking, clinton worshipers analysis of the candidates. Kerry was written off over at DU as an establishment hack and not "progressive" enough. Of course to those intellectually challenged netizens over there, Chairman Mao would only barely qualify as "progressive" enough. Of course you all realize that progressive is the left's new code word for liberalism.

Knowing that the American public's general disdain for rampant liberalism, they have the past few years moved to adopt the term "progressive". I for one refuse to let them. It's like the specious claim of the left that "Bill Clinton was almost impeached". No, he WAS impeached by the House of Representatives, he was not removed by the Senate." Civics lesson over. Back to "Froggy" Kerry and his last minute broken field run. If he can pull this off, it'll be a major upset with the campaign swinging next into New England and Howie Dean's hometurf. But then the field moves south and then it'll get real interesting to see who can develop new sources of campaign funding where Dean now has a commanding lead. Stay tuned.

Now then, Friday means Republicandy and in light of the flap over immigration, I thought I'd honor syndicated columnist and author of a book critical of immigration policy, INVASION. Here is Michelle Malkin.

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