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Friday, January 09, 2004

Even after stewing on it for a day and tuning into both Rush and Hannity to listen to the great debate rage, I am still not convinced that this immigration proposal makes good sense at this time. (Hey you lefties always accuse us conservatives of being nothing but mouthpieces for Rush so I thought I'd indulge your stereotypes...) That being said, I did receive a missive from Redline, my crimefighting partner, who found a rather poor attempt to galvanize Americans against this proposal. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, I will post the message here and then spend sometime on some of the salient points, here it is.....

Despite opposition from an OVERWHELMING majority of Americans, President
Bush has decided that Hispanic votes in November's election are more
important than the integrity, sovereignty and security of the United States. The President has unveiled a plan that would grant blanket amnesty to some 8
to 11 million criminal aliens residing illegally in the U.S. This not only
rewards criminal behavior-it encourages more of the same!

It's hard to argue that point. What part of ILLEGAL don't people understand? Rewarding this behavior legitimizes it, reduces any stigma attached to it and de facto presents an incentive for breaking the law.


The President frequently repeats that "we are a nation of immigrants" and
that there's "work that no other Americans will do, so these illegal aliens
are needed to man the jobs." BALONEY!

I agree with the President here. There are millions of jobs that a large portion of the American populace will not perform. I see this daily, entire construction crews and ranch crews composed of Mexicans because it is hard, dangerous work and no one else will take the jobs.

The hard-working entrepreneurs from centuries ago braved dangerous journeys
and death in order to not only come to America, but to BECOME AMERICANS!

This is a poor point. Certainly the trip across the Atlantic was dangerous. I would argue that walking across the Sonoran desert or crossing the Rio Grande, braving starvation, thirst, predators both animal and man, searing heat and bone chilling cold are every bit as dangerous.

The ILLEGAL aliens of today have ZERO plan or desire to assimilate to our
country. They don't speak English and NEVER will. They no nothing of our
culture or customs and NEVER will!

A presumptuous point. While many have no plans to assimilate, many will. I come across Latinos every day who have been here for 8, 10, 20 years and cannot converse in English. This is largely because our porous borders have contributed to the establishment of entire colonies within our cities where the only spoken language is Spanish. Illegal Aliens can come to America, work, live and play here and never have to converse in English except on the rare excursion outside of the colony. Even then, it is usually no trick to find an interpreter should you really need one precisely because of the situation above. I would have a lot less heartburn with this proposal if citizenship was conditional upon demonstrated ability in English and if English were made the official language.

The White House has NO plan to stop future invasions-in fact, with this new
policy, illegal immigration is ENCOURAGED! This will SEVERELY harm our national security!

I'm sure the White House has no plan to stop the immigration invasion. What other country on earth is denied the right to enforce it's borders? In their defense though, the Bush family truly seems to live what they preach. Growing up in Texas, they were continually exposed to the Hispanic culture. Mexican food is the President's favorite, he speaks Spanish, and his brother, (a potential president in his own right) is fluent in Spanish, married a Mexican woman and his children are bilingual. It is not merely lip service in this family.

Illegal immigrants in California and Arizona are already BANKRUPTING schools
and hospitals because they don't pay for the services! All this at the
expense of tax-paying, LEGAL Americans! This is destroying our communities! The President even wants illegal immigrants to be able to COLLECT SOCIAL
SECURITY. Social Security is already in arrears! Now President Bush wants
to start doling out retirement money to criminal non-residents???!!!

I don't know that this is destroying communities but I do believe that the fiscal crisis in California and Arizona is largely attributable to the hidden costs of illegal immigration. I know for fact that this happens as I am investigating a case of identity theft based on this very premise and a hospital is out tens of thousands of dollars. Now that doesn't sound like much but consider it is one case in probably tens of thousands and it adds up.



** Action to Take **

1. Call the White House and DEMAND that President Bush REVOKE this insane
policy proposal! Recall that The President introduced a similar plan two
years ago-but the outcry from grassroots patriots KILLED IT. We must do the
same AGAIN! White House Switchboard: (202) 456-1111 OR (202) 456-1414.

2. Call your Representative and tell him/her to work hard to DEFEAT The
President's illegal immigration proposal! Your Representative MUST know
that he or she has your support so that they can take action with
confidence! The White House will be lobbying our Representatives HARD-so we
must do the same! House Switchboard: (202) 225-3121.

3. Call BOTH of your Senators and tell them to work hard to DEFEAT The
President's illegal immigration proposal! AGAIN, they will be under
tremendous pressure from the White House-they must know you are in their
corner! Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

You all can make your own decisions based on the very healthy debate going on now. If you choose to contact your elected officials, I have provided the means above. Now then let's get back to bidness around here. It being Friday, that means Republicandy and since there's a rumor floating around that former Florida Secretary of State and current congresswoman, Katherine Harris is considering a run for Senate in Florida, I thought she would make some fine Republicandy. Here she is....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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