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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

What a bloodbath in New Hampshire last night. John "Effing" Kerry pulled off a big victory and "Howling" Howie Dean is now headed to the dustbin of democratic presidential candidates. Of course this is just where it gets good. Dean made no concessions last night and we can still hope for a brokered convention. Better still, a third party candidacy a'la Ross Perot in 1992. John "Breck Girl" Edwards took a hit yesterday by finishing fourth. Takes some of the steam out of his Iowa momentum. Ashley Clark staunched the bleeding for the moment but Joe Lieberman has finally had someone whisper in his ear that he is NOT going to be President this year or ever.

Now the race swings south and west. Things will happen quickly next week. Despite my fervent hopes, I think that Kerry picks up huge victories next week based on his surge in the polls now after New Hampshire and the correspondent surge in campaign contributions. Smart money takes Kerry at this point to be the nominee. Thats fine. His record in the Senate is abysmally liberal and his wife's voice is nearly as grating as Hilary Clinton's. Both of them reek of elitism and privilege. Besides, the Clinton's will never let Kerry win, not now, that would make Hilary have to wait in the wings until 2012 and she'll be too long in the tooth then.

Long and the short of it..."Breck Girl" may pick up South Carolina next week but Kerry is within striking distance and the big prize is Missouri. A state that President Bush should win handily come November. If I'm putting money on this race at the Hilton Sportsbook, I take Kerry just about everywhere depending on what the new round of polling shows in the wake of New Hampshire.

Now then, last week I post a picture of your humble pundit meeting former President Bush. Later that day I was able to meet Col. Alexander Lemberes and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. Here's some more pics from the reunion of those two grand warriors....

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