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Friday, February 13, 2004

Why is it that so many of these homegrown traitors and kooks are coming from the Northwest and West? Moot point what all of the traitors have in common is this. They are Muslims. Yesterday, Army National Guardsman Spc. Ryan Anderson was arrested on charges of attempting to contact the Al Qaeda terrorist network in order to pass top secret information to them about weaknesses in U.S. armor. Spc. Anderson's unit is due to be deployed to Iraq in the very near future. Anderson is a tank crewman in the very armor about whose weaknesses he was attempting to contact Al Qaeda. To look at a picture of Spc. Anderson you would think he was the boy next door however this particular boy next door possessed a degree in history from Washington State specializing in the Middle East and had converted to ISLAM 5 years ago.

Folks you may not want to admit it, you may not want to deal with it but the truth is as plain as the nose on your face. We are engaged in a religious war. This is about Islam vs. Christianity. Osama bin Laden refers to our troops in Iraq as Crusaders and while they may not be proselytizing among the infidel, they are just as assuredly a threat to radical Islam if they are successful in the implementation of democracy in Iraq. For our part here, whether we are secular in our beliefs or devout, it remains only to acknowledge that we are a nation founded on Christian principles. While our antecedents shouldered a sword and a shield on the road to Jerusalem, we are armed with keyboards, notepads and telephones. Our war must be waged to convince the public at large and our elected officials that ISLAM is the enemy. Profiling Islamists is not abridging someones' constitutional rights, it is a war strategy that makes sense. If you are Muslim, you must be more suspect than others. This is only prudence. We have all heard the awful stories of airport security details stopping 80 year Medal of Honor winners while young men carrying copies of the Koran prance onto an airplane. In the name of political correctness we are spiting ourselves and hamstringing our fight. Each of the arrested traitors so far in this war has had one thing in common. They are all Muslims and they cross all racial categories. If the common denominator is religion then it is foolhardy to ignore it.

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