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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So now it is set. Bush v. Kerry. Bring it on. I for one am not looking forward to 240+ days of Kerry's grating, sleep inducing voice. Perhaps his plan is to bore America into voting for him. I for one refuse to be lulled. I will work tirelessly, blogging for Bush and contribute whatever I can financially. Nothing less than how we confront the future is at stake. You can bury your head in the sand and hope that all will be forgiven overseas if we elect a democrat. You can furtively hope that terrorists and their sponsors will leave us alone if Jean "Effing" Kerry is elected. You could also become rich assisting a needy Nigerian businessman who just wants a little help conducting a delicate financial arrangement if only you'll provide him your bank account number and social security number. I'm sorry Mr. Kerry, you may have served your country once in Vietnam but you have since turned your back on it and the vast majority of it's inhabitants. Instead you elected to align yourself with the worst icons of liberalism run amok and any special interest group with a check that wouldn't bounce. You did all this in the name of political expediency and now you have the unmitigated gall, the NERVE to tell me that your service in Vietnam puts your abysmal voting record on defense issues beyond the scope of examination?

Thats one of the things that so incenses me about the left. Not merely the delusions and ignorance of facts but the incredible arrogance. This must be some genetic character trait of leftists, commies, pinks and democrats in general. Political arrogance is a hallmark of the Party of Sedition aka the democrat party. One need look no further than the so called Lion of the Left, Teddy Kennedy to see utter arrogance at work. Here is a man better given the sobriquet "The Lush of the Left" and who has demonstrably contributed to the death of a young woman, who shamelessly fronts the most left wing organizations and who has the nerve to call himself a defender of women's rights. Again, for the sake of political expediency, the left forsakes any pretense of integrity in order to gain the fruits of political power. What truly boggles the mind is how a person such as Kennedy could possibly look himself in the mirror in the morning. How can he possibly speak out questioning the integrity of the President or make outrageous accusations about the planning for the Iraq War when he himself can't tell the truth about a single evening in Massachusetts.

As if you really required any additional examples of the appalling arrogance of the left, here is a quote I found from a Professor at Duke University: "Philosophy Department Chair Robert Brandon publicly claimed in the student newspaper, The Chronicle, that conservatives are scarce in academia because stupid people are likely to be conservative." This from a professor charged with teaching our youth and doing so in an objective fashion!!! As if it wasn't bad enough, this is from a professor at Duke University, a private and supposedly conservative bastion of academia in the Deep South. If Professors at Duke are so arrogant, can you imagine the academic and intellectual wasteland that must greet conservative students at Harvard? Berkeley? (Fill in the blank with the college of your choice) Perhaps the good professor has never heard of Dr. Victor David Hanson, Classical Professor and advisor to the Bush Administration. I would love to see a debate between Dr. Hanson and this mental midget from Duke.

In other news yesterday, the Senate managed to do the right thing despite itself and defeat a bill which would have allowed gun manufacturers to be sued from now until kingdom come. The Senate had wanted to vote to extend the Assault Weapons Ban, a patently outrageous piece of legislation that violated the Second Amendment but not Dianne Feinstein's conscience. Fortunately for freedom loving Americans everywhere, the Senate attached so many poison pill riders to the legislation that it was killed. Now the AWB will sunset and expire in about 200 days and that is good news for those who understand that the Founding Fathers were not concerned with deer hunting when they constructed the 2nd Amendment but rather with the tyranny of government, be it foreign or domestic. Now then, I'd say we're all caught up around here...tune back in later this week for more trenchant commentary....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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