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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Well the President has finally come down on the side of marriage. This is not only long overdue but also a political can't miss for President Bush. At one stroke, he consolidates his conservative base and manages to put the democrats aka party of sedition in the unenviable position of having to make a decision that either A) forces them to flip flop on the issue of states rights or B) alienate the far left wing wacko base by supporting a defense of marriage. Already I have been witness to the incredible sight of Jean "Effing" Kerry telling everyone who would listen that this was a states rights issue. Since when did democrats give a big rat's patootie about states rights? As I recall the democrats were only too happy to consider constitutional amendments in the wake of the 2000 election and their sniveling about the electoral college. Activist democrat judges pervert the Constitution and legislate from the bench on a daily basis but there is no outcry about states rights from the left then.

Of course, what about the biggie? What about abortion Monsieur Kerry? Wouldn't that also be a states rights issue? No of course not because the radical feminists who own your party and define your platform would howl bloody murder if the issue of abortion was left up to the individual states to decide. I'm sorry, but listening to a democrat speak about states rights is hollow. It is also hypocrisy. Of course there is no shortage of that where the party of sedition is concerned. Only today Shrillary Clinton gave a speech in which she stated that the United States all-volunteer armed forces was inadequate to the modern world. Her reasoning being that with a small volunteer force, American leaders were more inclined to send them in harm's way than they would be with a force of draftees who presumably would have armies of attorneys and upset parents poised at home for the protest. After all, their child didn't VOLUNTEER to fight. Nice double standard and elitist thinking Shrill one. The all-volunteer force was more than adequate when her husband was deploying them hither and yon on peacekeeping and nation building duties. Of course the dirty little secret is that American G.I.s were still fighting and dying even during the administration of IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton.

That all off my chest, what a miserable day. Rained harder than a cow peeing on a flat rock all day and my barometric shoulder ached like hell. Hard to prepare for golf season in weather like this. Goat Hills down in Carson never looked so good. Back to work on the putting carpet then. A's reported to camp today and here's hoping my curse on A-Rod takes. I've already had it with overbearing damnedyankee fans telling me how they've won 26 championships. With any luck, A-Rod will never see a championship in pinstripes.

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