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Monday, April 16, 2007

The most basic human right is the right to life. Considering that my last true rant was on the relevance of the Second Amendment, it is especially poignant today. May God have mercy on those victims of the tragedy in Virginia today, who were not allowed to exercise their rights as Americans due to liberal stupidity, may He gather them unto His Kingdom and bless them and provide for each of them a place in Heaven and may He comfort and assuage their families in this time of grief. Soon enough we will be left with the mortal duty of once again defending our Constitutional Rights as Americans. If just one of those victims had been allowed to exercise their rights, this tragedy might have ended much sooner and with much less bloodshed.

I had hoped to use my very spare time to further illustrate the hypocrisy of the current Republican frontrunner for President in 2008. Instead I'll hold my rant until we learn more about what occurred in the Old Dominion today. Rest assured that the democrats will be out in force crying for more gun laws, completely ignoring the fact that there are over 20,000 gun laws on the books already. They add more yearly and yet events of this type are an unfortunate and all too common occurence. Gun laws will not prevent gun deaths. Gun bans will only enable tyranny. Clearly the liberal way hasn't made our streets or our schools any safer in the last 50 years. Instead of continuing to enable liberal programs with their demonstrated history of failure, how about we enable the people?

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Anonymous Will Mouat said...

I have browsed your musings and I feel right at home. It has gotten to the point where I wonder if one could truly be a "conservative" Democrat. That's why Zell Miller gave up on the party. Libs are so fond of endangered causes, maybe they ought to put conservative Democrats on the endangered species list.
The party of "anti" everything will have a hard time maintaining power. When you get your power based on being against everything, you cannot maintain it without solid ideas of your own.
We've already talked about the Republican woes. It makes me wish that a party such as the Republicans of 1854 would rise to challenge the mouldering platforms of the two we are stuck with. Big money and a lazy American populace are the only reasons we must endure the system we have. I am no libertarian, and I do not believe there are any third parties out there that are viable right now. Just tired of the "yes men" on both sides of the isle. Where is the "Bull Moose" of old Teddy Roosevelt when you need it?
Regardless of the abuse he has taken, we do have a president currently with character and backbone. However, his lack of communication skills has made this a far more difficult 8 years, and unfortunately I see no relief on the horizon. Rudy can communicate, but he is not a true conservative at all. The others? We need a communicator with convictions like Reagan and TR. Clinton for all his faults was a fabulous communicator, which may have been why he was able to avoid convictions...take care!

22 April, 2007 08:11  

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