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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I know for fact that I've posted since 11-20 but seems like Blogger's been eating my work since they've been jacking around with it. Hopefully this one goes through. In case some lib'rul happens to be wandering by today and doesn't know it, today is the 65th Anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. More popularly known around my workmates as the day Smilin' Paul encourages them to "ticket a Toyota".

All kidding aside though folks, can there be a more poignant bookend to this anniversary than the treasonous report released by the Iraq Surrender Group? I'm having enough trouble dealing with the thought of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid and now I have to contemplate our surrender to islamofascism. Dear God in Heaven forgive us, we have utterly betrayed the memory of the Greatest Generation. We call it quits when in 3 years we lose as many casualties as it cost us in one day of fighting in Normandy. Don't get me wrong either, I lay a large portion of the blame on the Republicans and the President. I said before that he should have immediately moved to enlarge the Army, called for a national force of volunteers, which in post 9-11 America he would have had in a week and then used them to pulverize the enemy.

Instead of the gloves coming off though, we put them on. In lacing them up ever tighter we continue to dishonor the sacrifice of our parents. What has happened to us? Well a lot of things. Multiculturalism and diversity have slowly sapped American exceptionalism. We no longer stand for anything and apparently most of our countrymen don't care either. I read the other day that a majority of American High School students can't identify who the United States fought in WWII. People that is our legacy. We were too busy rebelling against our folks, believing the Marxist, post-modern bullshit history that is now accepted in this country. We got to enjoy letting our kids play on their Nintendos because it kept them occupied, instead of teaching them about the country where those Nintendos were made, and what that country did to us 65 years ago today.

Someone on noted that we bombed the Japanese into utter submission and today they are our biggest friends. Perhaps that should have been a suggestion from the Iraq Surrender Group, bomb them back to the Stone Age and in 2071 they'll be our staunchest allies. If not, all we lost was some high explosive iron and we just might have killed some of our enemies. I know this, I am not letting my family go down without fighting back. Today when I kissed my son goodbye before he left for school, I reminded him that it was Pearl Harbor Day. He nodded and when I came home he told me he let his teacher know what day it was. Sadly, she didn't elect to inform the class, so I suspect that even in a good Catholic school, 1st grade is considered too young to impart that lesson. Fortunately I don't. In the past couple years, my son and I spent Pearl Harbor Day watching Tora, Tora, Tora. Not today. Tonight I brought him up to the computer and I made him read articles about Pearl Harbor and look at pictures of our shattered fleet. I explained to him how the world changed for everyone on that day. Then I sat with him and we listened to streaming audio of BBC and CBS newsflash announcements of the attack.

If enough of us take the time to educate our children correctly about the past, then when their time comes to lead, they will be able to draw the correct conclusions from their history. It's hard, it takes time and patience and love. Love not only for your children but for your country. I don't expect any lib'ruls will be doing this. They'll explain WWII away as yet another American war for oil. Thats ok though, because I am devoting the rest of my life to deconstructing the socialist history that they have been pushing on you, me and our children. One of these days, I'll explain just what I mean.

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