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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hey there sports fans and Happy New Year. In the neverending effort to keep you all abreast and informed of the latest in pinkothinking, I gave up my celebration and subjected myself to a fate most foul. Yes I listened to lib'rul talk radio. As many of you know, Mrs. Smilin' Paul and I traditionally take our post Christmas Holiday in that bluest of blue areas, the San Francisco Bay, where we spend time with my family and friends unfortunate enough to be caught deep behind enemy lines. Usually I amuse myself by listening to the unhinged (and generally uninformed) rants of the denizens of the Bay Area late at night. It almost never fails to be good for a few laughs.

At least that was in the past, the thing I had to continuously remind myself of was that these moonbats are now the party in charge in Sodom on Potomac. (Washington for those of you in Sun Valley) This trip was different though. For one thing, my post Christmas vacation happened to coincide with the necktie social thrown for Saddam Hussein. That was a short party list but a long tie if you all get my drift. Of course the San Francisco moonbats were all atwitter, wailing at the thought that their second favorite dictator, (Fidel Castro remains number 1 for the 47th straight year) was about to meet justice. Those of you real Americans, fortunate enough to live in Red Country don't know what you're missing by not having lib'rul talk radio. Depending on your stomach it'll make you laugh till you cry or cry till you puke.

Now having grown up in the Bay Area, I am fully accustomed to moonbats, radicals, America-haters, commie come latelys and all the assorted human detritus of the political left. I've scoffed at them for better than 30 years now. Even with a hardened cop's stomach, I was stunned and disgusted to hear one leftie talk show host sniveling that the execution of Saddam was nothing more than an America sanctioned assasination. Ok that's fairly typical leftist twaddle but then he went on to say how he was stunned by the many similarities between the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and that of Saddam Hussein. If I had had anything in my mouth, it would now be imbedded in the wall of my niece's home.

I won't bore you all with a point by point refutation of this ridiculous argument. Suffice it to say that that may have been the first time in recorded history that the names Jesus Christ and Saddam Hussein were ever used in the same sentence. It is obvious to me that the particular talk host in question has never researched either of the subjects of his rant. Which of course just comes back to what I've been preaching to y'all for years now. Lib'ruls argue with their hearts and emotion and their arguments are almost always devoid of either facts or logic. Arguing with a roomful of lib'ruls while using facts and logic is like turning on a light in a room full of cockroaches. The only difference being that the room with the cockroaches probably has a higher IQ.

Speaking of things that are good for you, today I whipped up some good ol' fashioned ham hocks and greens. Even my vegetable-shy son got on the outside of some of those. Next time, I'll include my recipe for them and you can include a healthy side in your next supper....

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