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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I know a lot of lefties that come by this blog probably think that I'm a typical broken-glass Republican who never agrees with the democrats on anything. You'd be wrong. I noticed the other day that Rep. Ike Skelton (D) of Missouri, while taking the requisite time to bash the president called for the expansion of the U.S. Army by at least 2 more divisions. I agree, in fact I'd double it to 4. We are simply stretched too thin and we must always be prepared to defend Taiwan or to repel another NK incursion into South Korea. Of course Skelton is playing politics with his idea here and I'm a realist enough to understand that. After all, Skelton's lifetime ACU rating is a anemic 48. (Just high enough to make him a socialist rather than an out and out communist.)

Of course what Skelton fails to mention in his bashing of the President was that it was his own idol and party, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and the democrats who slashed the standing Army from 18 to 10 divisions. The democrats obviously forgetting the lesson of Pearl Harbor and every other American War before that. If you wish to avoid war, prepare for it. Now comes Ike Skelton and he wants to enlarge the Army, at least he's made the right suggestion. What really chaps my hide is that not only did the dems slash the Army by almost 50%, they then obscured the cuts by trotting around the country passing themselves off as fiscal conservatives by having downsized the federal government. What they didn't tell you is that 80% of those cost cutting measures came at the expense of the Pentagon.

Can the Pentagon waste money? Sure it can, but I'd rather have them wasting my money than some sandal clad chief executive of a New York needle exchange program. Yes we need to expand the Army, but not because it's convenient politics Mr. Skelton. Just once I'd like to see the democrats come up with a good idea that is in the best interests of the country rather than a convenient excuse to snipe at the President.

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